Here’s to the Unnoticed


Ever since I started my first job I have gotten used to being a minority. It started when I worked part-time during college and then when I joined a major multinational corporate full-time. No, I do not come from a different ethnic or religious background than the majority of my colleagues, I am simply a woman. I was the first female to join my team (I work in Marketing, not a job that requires physical power women don’t have) and even when another joined, we were two girls in a team of 10. I have gotten used to being the only girl in a meeting of 8.

It was good at first, I have always worked with men so it was no issue. And I even loved the possibility of wearing the same outfit a million times and go to work with my messy hair and they wouldn’t even notice that anything was wrong with it.

But what I was okay with was no longer okay; it was no longer okay when I found that I have to work twice as hard as my male colleagues to be noticed, when I had to raise my voice a million times louder to be heard, when I was not considered for projects because I am a young girl who can’t join them during work meetings that took place late at night in that local cafe (el-ahwa) where men only are allowed. I was simply forgotten.

But let me break it to you, I am just as good as this guy who didn’t have to fight for the same promotion I had to fight for months to get. I am just as a capable, maybe even more qualified for that project you handed the new guy instead of me.

This is to all the women I work with, who are overlooked, ignored just because one day they may need a maternity leave. This is to all the women I know who are more capable than many men who have easily taken their jobs. Raise your voice, fight for what you deserve.


Here’s to 2017…

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I admit 2015 and 2016 were the least productive years in my life. This new year’s eve I am exactly where I was on December 31st 2014. I still have the very same job I don’t like, with just fancier title due to a promotion that was intended to keep me from quitting. I still say I am going to follow my dream yet I haven’t moved an inch. If my younger self saw the traditional stagnating corporate person I have become she’d be disappointed.

2014 was probably the biggest year of my life, I achieved things and was going places. But in November came the job that I believe had sucked the life out of me.

But I have made this decision, 2017 will be different, it will be 2014 2.0 or even better. I will go back on track. I will do more of what I love, I will learn new things and on this day next year I won’t be exactly the same person I am today. I will write more, I will read more and learn more than ever. I will be on my way to something good.

Step one, open that agenda put something productive on everyday’s to-do list.